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Gekkagoku-Kyou: The Third
Ebisubashi Seizo / Medirect (Furukawa Shobou)
$5.84 / 648 JPY | 18pt (3% back)
Shindou shoots Amemiya against his will, and flees the scene.
X-ratedMangaSpecial Viewer
  • Release: Apr/08/2016

More bondage!

Jan/08/2018   By BritishOwlReviewer Rank: 1

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The third entry in Ebisubashi's series focuses mainly on a new character. Same as Shindou, this new character begins his journey to the world of bondage. The new character adds an interesting continuation of the plot, focusing on the beginning of his sexual training. Once again, the great character design is matched by the depiction of erotic scenes. Overall, this is a good chapter in the series with a fair price given the content.

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