User reviews for "G.W. -Golden Week-"

G.W. -Golden Week-
Senkan Komomo(Art) (Story) / Medirect (Furukawa Shobou)
$3.87 / 432 JPY | 12pt (3% back)
Komomo Senkan presents the full manga adaptation of Hayato Oyama's dark, hardcore S&M novella.
X-ratedMangaSpecial Viewer
  • Release: Oct/14/2016

Pickup!A Must Have For BDSM Fans

Dec/22/2016   By LuuroReviewer Rank: 6

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This has to be one of my favorite gay manga ever and by far my favorite purchase on this website.

The product is cheap for a little over 60 pages of genuinely amazing BDSM content. As someone who doesn't speak Japanese, this story was very easy to follow, and it's quite refreshing to have a BDSM manga written like this. If you don't understand from the description already, it's both very consensual and very hot. I wish we'd have more BDSM content of this nature because I really loved seeing it in this manga.

The artwork is top notch and the there are a variety of acts that will keep readers interested through all 60+ pages. If you are into gay BDSM manga, this is a definitely must have. There is no excuse not to check out this product especially at the low price that it's asking for. I doubt you will regret purchasing this gem!

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