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The Coach 03
Senkan Komomo(Art) Ejima Atsushi(Story) / Medirect (Furukawa Shobou)
$3.38 / 378 JPY | 10pt (3% back)
In their lodge behind the high school, bare naked and bound Mako is the plaything of his owner Yoshida and two varsity rugby players.
X-ratedMangaSpecial Viewer
  • Release: Aug/16/2014

Final chapter of a great story!

Nov/08/2017   By BritishOwlReviewer Rank: 1

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This final chapter in Senkan Komomo's The Coach is a good ending to a great story. Komomo's art style is simple yet effective, I particularly enjoyed the character design of this piece of work, specially Mako and coach Yoshida. Sexual training is a common theme in Komomo's work and the rugby club setting makes it even better! I hope we get to see more stories such as this.
Overall, the price is right given the amount of content.

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