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Love in a world of swords and magic and nipples and beefcakes!

There once was a blacksmith in the northern town of Ricit.
Moss hammered away with his usual bad temper. "Damned adventurers,
nothing but adventurers smiling and clanking thru town."
One such day Gilv, a big man with a big hairy chest and beard, appeared like a dream.
He was the kind of adventurer Moss could do to see more of.
Gilv put in an order to the blacksmith, but Moss knew once he filled it Gilv would
leave town and his life forever... so he lied. "We need to gather material for that."
This way they would have more time together.
But since even that would be over too soon, Moss lied again.
There was a very, VERY special material he needed, the final "ingredient"...

Available as a standard manga + text-free version

Full color manga
25 pages / A5 print

Operational Requirements

Work Number
File / Size / 183.81MB

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