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Release Dec/08/2017 midnight (JST)
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Stories of day-to-day manlove in warm Naha, Okinawa.
Back again as season 2, the stories continue in the next
volume of this hit comic series that was just too good to end!

* Volume 17 "Tida to Lequious" (lit. Tida and Lequious)

Yuimaru operates the guest house "Tida" in Naha.
While business is good, there is one thing troubling him.
For some reason, all the the guests that stay are men. Big burly men...
The secret behind their allure to his guest house, is Yuimaru himself.

Kuro and Shiro are long term residents at the guest house.
Ganta is a part-time working student.
Add them all in the mix and a slapstick comical
situation is born for days of hilarity and fun.
But a turning point looms on the horizon when...
A guest comes to Tida and says: "I guess this building is Lequious..."
It seems like a gay cruising spot was in operation before Tida took this place.
Yuimaru is stunned when he understand the meaning of "cruising spot".
The night lewdly falls involving Yuimaru, the guest and one more.
On the other hand, Ganta gets a call from his father that he is recommended to find a job in Tokyo...

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