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Author Terujirou(Art) Imukata Taimu(Story)
Publisher Label Medirect (Furukawa Shobou)  >  BAKUDAN COMICSFollow
Release Sep/08/2017
Age Ratings
File Format
Page Count18


Super popular for his continued drawing of strong, burly and sexy men,
gay comic artist Terujirou brings you a manga adaptation of Imukata Taimu's
sporty muscle men performing outdoor exhibition themed novel series!

The distribution of this G-men serialization, "Adulterous Broadcast" has finally begun!

* Quality revisions to the color cover + magazine pages have been made.
* Planned to be released on a monthly basis!

[Adulterous Broadcast ep.1]
A dangerously humiliating trap is sprung
on the the two american football lovers.
Trying to resist as best they can, what is the fate of
these two men consumed by shame and arousal?

--- --- ---
As senior and junior, they first met at the university american football club.
Now 8 years have passed since Kousuke and Yoshihiko started dating.
It is Summer and the two have begun going to the local pool.

With his burly muscular body and tight fitting swimsuit, Kousuke certainly
gains the attention of the men around him and he is well aware of their gazes.
Yoshihiko is likewise, totally aroused by his handsome body.

Towards the two, a man calls out to them, grinning widely...
and as if to ascertain their relationship he blurts:
"So this guy here, is he your masochist slave huh?"

Towards such an arrogant and rude remark the two are
flustered in indignation and leave the pool immediately but...

...Kousuke is unable to put it behind him... the words lingering in his mind...

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