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Release Aug/26/2016
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NODA Gaku's best-selling 2nd wave comics are now available online!
Three (3) spinoffs from the hit series "Abunai Kankei" ("Dangerous Relationship")!

* Sakari Sakaba
After going back to his family, Ohnuki invites Takakura to his favorite bar.
Ohnuki and the owner go way back, and indeed they seem like senpai and kouhai.
During dinner the owner offers Asakura a raffle ticket, which he accepts without thinking.
It says "Blowjob for one" on it.
This place is actually... but as realization dawns on Asakura, it's too late...

* Eatout
Takakura and Ohnuki go again to "Sakari Sakaba", the gay bar.
However, the bar is closed, and the owner recommends another eatery.
For some reason when they enter, they're each given a single towel.
All but naked, the duo head deeper inside, into a hot haven of all-male customers...
Takakura suddenly tries to back out but, a fellow patron aggressively hits on him...

* Secret Parlor
Anonymous, voyeuristic pictures of Takakura's private life are delivered to him.
Takakura asks the gay bar owner for advice, and gets only a consolation beer...
When Takakura gets tispy the owner has an idea, takes Takakura upstairs
and starts fluffing him for a trip up the owner's eager asshole.
What neither of them realize is the anonymous photographer is watching this, too...

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