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Release Nov/14/2014
Series Sanba No Karasu Extra Large Size
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Page Count37
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Bundled comics from an ace in the Japanese gay manga world celebrated across all over the world.

* In The Hole
There was a collapse at the mine.
Having skipped out on work for a nap in an abandoned pit,
Taisaku managed to escape the accident, but his unit leader Kanji went looking for him.
Taisaku had feelings for Kanji...

* It's Tough Being An Adviser
Shishiyama is the tough-as-nails judo advisor chaperoning this year's summer camp.
But while the team sleeps, he indulges his little flame of mischief.
Five team regulars get the advisor's special attention...

* Onyama-san and White Sake
Forest worker Inokichi changed up his looks and popped over to Kumaji's house.
Ignoring the laws about being alone in the mountains, Inokichi had a frightening experience.
What experience was that?

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