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Release Aug/17/2014
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Training Dog / 1st Anthology (Vols. 1-4)

We're pleased to present this 7-volume collection by Makoto Kai
mega hit comic first serialized in fetish magazine "SUPER SM-Z",
converted into a two-part anthology (this is the first part).

"Training Dog" is an extended S&M story of love, passion and humiliation about
college baseball pitcher Tsukishima and junior catcher Sadamasa who yearns for him.


Sadamasa's crush began back in high school. In fact, he followed him to the same college.
But when he joined the team, Tsukishima was oddly absent.
It so happened that at the same time, four men had kidnapped Tsukishima and were making him their f*cktoy.
They were a team of hired thugs working for a certain wealthy employer.

Sadamasa got a text from Tsukishima. "Let's meet up on Saturday."
He was excited, not knowing the text had come from those thugs.
When the weekend came his chest was tight with anticipation. Meanwhile Tsukishima's asshole
was getting looser as he gulped down the cum of his slavers.

On Saturday Sadamasa met his crush in the park as planned... yet in no way as planned.
Tsukishima arrived bare naked, tied like a package with a collar. He looked like a dog. A sex pet.
Reeling with shock, Sadamasa was also coerced by the thugs to do things right there in public with Tsukishima.

Reunited, the two boys were kept in confinement, subjected to rawer acts of brutality...
Tsukishima became more obedient to the thugs so that they would go easy on his adoring junior.
The leader said,
"He's our hostage. You run, he pays the price."
Tsukishima was all but broken by now. It was time to be delivered to his wealthy master.

The man behind it all was an old man who put Tsukishima through hell.
Meanwhile, Sadamasa surrendered to his own training, thinking of his crush...

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