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Release Aug/13/2014
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A new erotic endeavor begins!
A world of men get it on in an all-new way...
Vol.3, No Side x Another Side, is the tale of a big d*cked company man
who finds his calling in the world of domination...

That long, hot summer was permeated with the scent of earth and sweat.

In high school I was on the rugby team, a sport I still enjoyed as a full time company man.
That excitement, that stimulation of raw physical brawling was something I would never forget.
We'd been close, but little by little I'd lost contact with the guys.
Even a man who'd been playing the same team for 8 years, seemed like he might disappear.
"My d*ck is so big I probably couldn't even be a prostitute," I told him.
Lured by my curious claim, I consumed him.

We made love countless times, and after that I moved on to sex with other men.
I shared my big d*ck around dating sites, there was always someone who wanted it.
Basically men were eager to hit their knees for the thing.
One guy wailed like a girl when I pushed inside... and I realized I had total control over him...
It was like the thrill of bringing down the biggest guy on the field. I felt powerful.

Then I hooked up with our old team captain.
Like all the others, he was a slave for my c*ck, and I enjoyed putting him in the gutter.
"You've never been dominated before, have you?" I asked.
"It seems like you're usually a top. Today is different."
I did him like I've never done anyone before, showed him the glory of being f*cked by a real man...

* With special 2-page excerpt from G-men No.221!

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