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Release Aug/02/2014
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A new erotic endeavor begins!
A world of men get it on in an all-new way...
Vol.2, Purple Noon, is the tale of a straight man's self-discovery on a tropical beach!

Blue sky stretched to the heavens. Blue sea painted the horizon.
I came down to the island on a private vacation, to get far away from ordinary life.
The inn was near the beach, and while jogging in the sand I heard a faint, lewd panting...
"Haaaahhh... hhhhfaaa..."
I followed the voices. Two men were embracing naked, thrusting vigorously.
"... Gay sex, in such a public place...?"

I returned to the inn, where the image of those lovers was seared in my thoughts.
My eyes were mistaken. It couldn't be what I thought. I tried to convince myself, but there was no forgetting.
In my mind's eye I watched the two men f*ck, and f*ck.

As I imagined them I reclined in the deck chair.
"Hey oniichan. Were you watching us earlier?"
I opened my eyes. Those two men stood over me.
"... Oniichan, you like to watch stuff like this?"
Their hands graced my skin. I allowed this.
I couldn't refuse if I wanted to, half paralyzed in bewilderment at this lewd act,
me having never been with a woman... swallowed in good feelings
as the hot sun beat down...

* With special 2-page excerpt from G-men No.220!

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