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Release Sep/05/2014
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Six (6) short manga + one (1) yonkoma comic from Hiko, listed in comic "Country Life 01 (Inaka Gurashi 1)".

* "Attack! Community Sao Pride"
Hiko's debut, published in Monthly G-men.
TV reporter Honesuke goes right for the gay sex community. Before him appears three distinct guys, Sao, Sao, Sao...

* "Vampire Sam"
A beefcake man-vamp hangs round the park at night looking for a good meal.
The guys he targets leave him hollow, though, and he collapses in hunger.
Who should come to his side but a delicious young man...

* "Ocean Avarice!"
Little brother beamed at being out on the sand with his beloved big brother.
However, big brother was a bit of a sadist, and today was no ordinary day at the beach..

* "The Bearhunter Hotel"
A Japanese couple on vacation in America participate in their hotel's "Bear Party".
The scene is a dazzling kumafest of chesthair and brawny huggables muffins. Each of them has an unforgettably wonderful time.

* "Likeminded Friends"
Five close friends get together at their flat for drinks and stew.
When one of them gets drunk and finds a porno DVD, the line of friendship is crossed into exciting new territory...

* "G-man"
When the actor for an amusement park hero show suddenly cancels due to illness, the office manager has to step in and play the lead.
He can't help noticing all a tasty young man in the audience. Then some suspicious other men snatch him up...

* "Country Life (Inaka Gurash) Ver. Higekumanga"

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