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Release Jun/03/2016
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Page Count106


[ The official 5th issue / 102 pages of good reading! ]
Seizo Ebisubashi's epic opus of S&M action.
The dark world of society's underbelly is discovered by a true masochist.

Continuing to dig where he's been told not to, detective Morisawa
is betrayed by a higher-up and delivered into their hands of the organization.
Then #48 / Shindou learn why he's in this predicament.
It all started the year Shindou was on the college rugby team.

At that time, coach Matsumoto had a perverted eye on Shindou.
He paid a junior to set up an opportunity for them to have sex.
Shindou had never been with anyone, man or woman, and was easily seduced.
However, any fraternization was against the rules of the team.
Matsumoto and Shindou's relationship was relayed to OB Club captain Terada
who resolved to punish them accordingly, but...

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