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Release Mar/25/2016
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Page Count100


[ The official 2nd issue / 98 pages of good reading! ]
Seizo Ebisubashi's epic opus of S&M action.
The dark world of society's underbelly is discovered by a true masochist.

After his breaking at Hamasaki's villa by Dragonblack and Dragonwhite,
beefcake M Shindou is set free.
He's told by a man known as No.42, "Forget what happened here;
if you don't, your life will never be the same."
The words repeat in Shindou's mind.
But his eyes are open to the desire of the self, and his body aches for it.
He contacts Hamasaki. Hamasaki's men break Shindou again,
but this time he's auctioned to the cabal to which Hamasaki belongs.
It's not Shindou's intention to become a mere slave.
Meanwhile, there's discord between Hamasaki and the cabal's leader, Amemiya...

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1 user reviews

Ebisubashi's BDSM again!

Jan/08/2018  By BritishOwlTop : 1 Reviewer

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The second entry in Ebisubashi's series continues Shindou's story while further expanding the plot into new areas. Character design continues to impress as well as the depiction of erotic scenes. I particularly enjoyed the variety bondage practices explored here. Overall, this is a good chapter with a fair price given the extension as well as the quality of the content. I look foward to seeing where the story is going.

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