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Release Mar/04/2016
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Page Count98


[ The official 1st issue / 98 pages of good reading! ]
Seizo Ebisubashi's epic opus of S&M action.
The dark world of society's underbelly is discovered by a true masochist.

Shindo, for his beefcake of college athlete's body, is a masochist at heart.
He longs for the feeling of dark, bleak powerlessness, but real life affords no such opportunity.
Even going to the S&M club, managed by his senpai, doesn't satisfy.
Shindo is in agony. But not the good kind.

One day his senpai forwards him a text: "guy looking for a real slave", it says.
His curiosity piqued Shindo contacts the guy, named Hamasaki.
At the meeting place Hamasaki invites Shindo into his car, then takes him to a villa in the suburbs
where Shindo is introduced to Hamasaki's "manseum" of erect statues.
"Very nice", Shindo praises. Hamasaki eagerly explains,
"They're flesh and blood, I petrify them with a special coating."
Realizing at last that he needs to get out of here Shindo is confronted by two men.
They will be his slavemasters...

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Ebisubashi's BDSM!

Oct/13/2017  By BritishOwlTop : 1 Reviewer

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This first entry in the series shows Ebisubashi's talent for true bdsm stuff. The simple and stylish drawing gives remarkable realism to the characters. Furthermore, as usual in Ebisubashi's work, the art is joined by a well thought story. The author introduces mystery in this story, as the protagonist discovers the dark world of bondage. Both the art and the mystery story provide enough reason to keep following Ebisubashi's work.
On a final note, the price is more than justified given the extensive length of this piece of work.

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S&M with a romance

Oct/02/2016  By RoyTop : 4 Reviewer

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Would it be possible that Seizo Ebisubashi produces S&M action similar to Gengoroh Tagame?! …were my first thoughts, when I had a closer look at this.
Somehow I could not imagine this, although e.g. in Burst Beast or in Policemen Island you will also find some sort of violence, but rather mild, and it is never the main story line.

So I was a little bit anxious, when I started reading this… And then, right in the first chapter, the creepy “manseum” gives a first hint at what may follow!
Trying to avoid spoiler as much as possible: The story is definitely not a Tagame, but for S&M lovers there are some quite “interesting” and intense scenes, with a somewhat weird, but nevertheless hot climax. A little bit of romance, friendship, and unexpected turnarounds glue the rough parts together. Drawings are hot as usual with Seizo.

All-in-all I’d say this makes for an interesting addition to Seizo’s world; definitely worth reading if you are into rough sex.
Have a good time reading :)

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