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Author Senkan Komomo(Art) (Story)
Publisher Label Medirect (Furukawa Shobou)  >  BAKUDAN COMICSFollow
Release Oct/14/2016
Age Ratings
Work Format
File Format
Page Count65


Komomo Senkan presents the full manga adaptation of the dark, hardcore
S&M novella by Hayato Oyama first published in "SUPER SM-Z".

It was Golden Week, and the sporty young man wanted to be broken in the confines of a sadist's chamber.
Blind and deaf in his full-headed gimp mask, a collar around his neck,
he was instructed to stay on all fours at all times, except to receive whippings.
His master used no words, only actions, to severely impart his lessons of obedience.
Enjoy the fury and the obscenity of a masochist and sadist's dynamic from each their perspectives.

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File / Size / 35.38MB

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Great addition for BDSM lovers!

Oct/13/2017  By BritishOwlTop : 1 Reviewer

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This lengthy piece of work by Senkan Komomo is a must for those who enjoy slave-master stories. Komomo's simple yet stylish drawings capture the exquisite agony of the slave as the master plays with him like a toy. There are several parts to this story with a great array of bondage practices. Spanning over 60 pages, I feel this work packs a lot for a really low price. The quantity of the material is matched by the quality of the story and art. Don't miss it!

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Pick Up !A Must Have For BDSM Fans

Dec/22/2016  By LuuroTop : 10 Reviewer

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This has to be one of my favorite gay manga ever and by far my favorite purchase on this website.

The product is cheap for a little over 60 pages of genuinely amazing BDSM content. As someone who doesn't speak Japanese, this story was very easy to follow, and it's quite refreshing to have a BDSM manga written like this. If you don't understand from the description already, it's both very consensual and very hot. I wish we'd have more BDSM content of this nature because I really loved seeing it in this manga.

The artwork is top notch and the there are a variety of acts that will keep readers interested through all 60+ pages. If you are into gay BDSM manga, this is a definitely must have. There is no excuse not to check out this product especially at the low price that it's asking for. I doubt you will regret purchasing this gem!

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