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Author Senkan Komomo(Art) Ejima Atsushi(Story)
Publisher Label Medirect (Furukawa Shobou)  >  BAKUDAN COMICSFollow
Release Aug/16/2014
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Page Count25
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The hit manga adapted by Komoko Senkan from the light novel of the same name by Atsuji Ejima.

Volume 3 / "Taiiku kyoshi * Mada konu hibi"
Freshman year in college, that night at summer camp, Maki became the property of senior Yoshida.
Yoshida got Maki a job teaching at the high school. It was summer again, one year later.
In their private lodge bare naked Mako was bound, hands behind his back, as his lover and owner
singed the hairs of his nether region with a lighter.
Yoshida had brought two of Maki's students from the varsity rugby team along.
Out in the world their relationship was teacher and student, but in this paradise shanty
the boys toyed with Maki. His summer sex training had begun.
Yet, Maki still couldn't figure out Yoshida's end goal...

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1 user reviews

Final chapter of a great story!

Nov/08/2017  By BritishOwlTop : 1 Reviewer

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This final chapter in Senkan Komomo's The Coach is a good ending to a great story. Komomo's art style is simple yet effective, I particularly enjoyed the character design of this piece of work, specially Mako and coach Yoshida. Sexual training is a common theme in Komomo's work and the rugby club setting makes it even better! I hope we get to see more stories such as this.
Overall, the price is right given the amount of content.

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