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Release Aug/12/2014
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Stories of day-to-day manlove in warm Naha, Okinawa.
This set includes the third and fourth volumes of the hit comic series.

* Volume 3 "Taifu Kozou wa Shinideji" (Okinawan lang., "Typhoon Boy Is To Die For")
A large-scale hurricane comes to the guest house at the same time as a sexy young customer.
He's as blustery as the storm, clashing with long-term residents Shiro and Kuro.
That night the power is knocked out, and as the rains rage outside, the boys rage inside
with their provocative guest, as a rousing punishment for bad behavior...

* Volume 4 "Yasuyado Yunta" (Parody of Okinawa folk song "Asatoya Yunta", "The Cheap Old Inn")
A publisher named Narise wants to make guest house Tida the subject of his travel series,
"The Best Cheap Places to Stay in Naha". As an interviewee Yuimaru is nervous and tight-lipped, but
he can speak more comfortably treating Narise as a customer, and invites him to stay.
Ever horny Shiro and Kuro immediately latch onto the new guest and break out the booze.
Yuimaru passes out early, but wakes suddenly when Narise says the magic word...

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