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Release Jan/09/2015
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The 2nd collaboration from hit creative team Seizo Ebisubashi x Osamu Kodama (original).
At the fish shop of a bisexual husband, every day's a calamity!

Kensuke and his wife Yushichi manage the fish shop his parents left him.
They're good business partners but Kensuke has a libido like a locomotive, and enjoys men.
His extramarital antics cause no shortage of grief to Yushichi.
She's caught him fooling around for the last time.
Instead of putting him in the doghouse she gives up and moves out - leaving
him and the dog alone. While out on a walk Kensuke
runs into Ikeda, his high school classmate from 20 years ago.
Ikeda's recently homeless himself, so Kensuke invites him to stay.
When he finds out which way Ikeda swings he starts to get that familiar itch...

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