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Release Mar/06/2015
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A widowed man and his sporty son. The lives of two burly men that becomes taboo...

Tetsuo, thrilled by the erection he got when the coach sodomized him,
fluffed up sleeping Takakura's c*ck and tried straddling the hard shaft.
Takakura woke up from the pleasant sensation, and was more than a little pissed
to find Tetsuo humping away, but in response he was simply told,
"Work with me a little."

Tetsuo changed angles without slipping out, his own c*ck stiffening.
Hip to hip they grinded away and Takakura came.
But Takakura wasn't the sort who squirted once and quit.
He had plenty of stamina, and the pleasure of Tetsuo's tight ass cowboying
up and down his d*ck was really just starting to get his heart pumping.
He could already feel the tingle of another orgasm on the way...

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