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Author Kujira
Publisher Label Medirect (Furukawa Shobou)  >  BAKUDAN COMICSFollow
Release Apr/10/2015
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Page Count65
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A struggling middle aged business man and father finds his calling, as a "gentleman entertainer"!
Presenting the debut issue of Kujira's darkly written, controversial BL series filled with warped love and hate.

Mr. Shigetani was a failure in sales,
but with a wife and son and a deep mortgage,
he had no choice but to continue trying.
His superior, Suganuma, watched him struggle.
One night when everyone else had home, Suganuma offered to buy Shigetani a drink.
Shigetani was too depressed to be celebrating. He declined the offer,
which set Suganuma off. "You're a parasite on the company," huffed Suganuma.
Then he demanded the poor business man's resignation.
Sugitani couldn't quit, the family depended on him.
"I'll do anything for the company," pleaded Shigetani.
To which Suganuma replied, "Take out your c*ck. I want to watch you masturbate..."

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