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Release Jul/23/2014
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The hit comic from golden combo Seizo Ebisubashi x Osamu Kodama (original)

Volume 1 / Komyou (Sparkle Light) was an unprofitable little meet in the countryside
run by Kichijiro's older brother in law.
It used to be quite the place, where business men and tourists came in droves for mutual fun.
Lately the brother in law provided that fun... until he suddenly eloped with a client!
When a new business man by the name of Abe came calling,
Apologizing for the lack of entertainment options, Kichijiro himself was asked
to provide the entertainment during Abe's stay...

Volume 2 / Kichijiro had become the unwilling proprietor and prostitute of Komyou.
Doing gay-for-pay "against his will" with a client named Abe, Kichijiro's erection belied his
protesting mouth. The question now was, could Kichijiro turn himself into
the central attraction for this dying inn?
He sought the advice of his old friend Oyamada at the small town tourist bureau.

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1 user reviews

Hospitality with real added value - where can I book?!

Oct/13/2016  By RoyTop : 2 Reviewer

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Reading the title for the first time, I could think of many things except for the kind of entertainment meant here! :)
Once more, Seizo Ebisubashi and Osamu Kodama integrate an ancient Japanese tradition nicely into a modern story - with a slight twist! ;)
...the story of an innocent, well-intended man, who really cares for the well-being of the tourists, and this way gets to know some new and unsuspected pleasures himself.

The story contains some hot sex-scenes, nice romance, hot burly men I'd like to attend myself - and make sure you also check out the extra-chapter at the end.
Have a good and hot read ;)

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