User reviews for "[Tokudaya] Posing Boys Material A / B"

[Tokudaya] Posing Boys Material A / B
$12.44 / 1,404JPY
Male characters in standing poses. Approved for all ages and commercial / private use.
  • Release: Feb/26/2018
  • Purchased: 5x

Double the fun :3

Mar/26/2018   By LaeliaReviewer Rank: 1

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This set features 2 characters for double the fun! I debated whether or not to buy this on release week but I'm poor and as the set is one of the dearer ones from the circle I ended up leaving it for a little while.

The art quality is good as usual and the set features the option to customise the two male characters by using the included PSD files or by using the included software.

The only disappointing thing about this set, in particular, is the fact that you can't customise the hairstyles which devalues the characters a little the more people buy the set. But oh well! I still recommend it :3

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Posing Boys Material A / B

Mar/19/2018   By MaraReviewer Rank: 4

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There is only one hair style, one type of eyes (also with different expressions) and only one pose for each of the characters so this time you will only get two male characters with this pack.

However the quality is great as always and you will get the same amount of different clothes as in the other packs from this circle (casual wear, kimonos, sports- and swimwear, suits and different school uniforms).

Even though there are no different hair styles this time I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase.

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