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Oniichan's End!
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An oniichan becomes a girl because of a suspicious drug handed by a little sister... What will happen!?
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Younger SisterOlder BrotherFeminizedTranssexualComedyDrama/Daily Living
  • Release: Feb/03/2018
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Pickup!Cute artwork and entertaining story, so nice!

Feb/06/2018   By LMous

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Oniichan is Done For is a funny story that starts with a genius younger sister sneaking a suspicious drug into a NEET slacker Oniichan's meal.

The end result, as you can see, is a man turning into a young girl. Of course, the effects are (probably) reversible once he stops taking the medicine but the younger sister wants research results and it's obvious that a slacker NEET has no plans to be useful to society.

So until little sister says that she's done with the testing, it's up to Oniichan to live as a girl so that he can be kind of useful. Forget about the fact that his previously lazy carefree way of life is being threatened by this change, he soon finds that his "male" identity is being challenged too.

The art is really cute, especially those scenes where Mahiro is panicking. It's a light-hearted TSF comedy that makes you want to say, "what is this cute creature." As for the amount of material, this is volume 1 of the manga so it holds the first three chapters (36 pages), an omake chapter (5 pages), and extra material (9 pages). The images are high resolution and the linework is clean.

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