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Double Duce
ijou higan sensen
$5.74 / 648JPY
A comedy comic for all ages. Featuring students in Anzio Girls' High School from G&P.
  • Release: Jan/14/2018
  • Purchased: 5x

Short, well made, but a little bit expensive

Jan/25/2018   By Aiko1704

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The story is funny, well realised and most importantly very well drawn, the comic is about 30 pages and i read it in about 10 minutes, it's really pleasent to read and i really hope for a second comic.
This (like all things) has good sides and bad sides:
Very funny
Nicely drawn
Not too hard to read
Very "entertaining" to say the least

Too expensive for it's lenght

Regarding the bad sides i still recommend this.

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