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Miki After School
$4.91 / 540 JPY
Since Izuki came to know that Miki sneakily crossdresses after school, Izuki has been in the same boat. One day these two are left alone in the school trip...
  • Release: Nov/12/2017
  • DL: 3

Pickup!Super Sweet School Trip

Nov/12/2017   By FluffyPillowHug

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Miki After School is a continuation of/sequel to the original story and is just as adorable. This work is full of bubbly cute moments that will bring a smile and maybe even a blush to your face. It's great to see the relationships between the characters further blossom from the original collection of chapters. If you love cute otokonoko, cute couple moments, or even just a good happy time then this work should suitably warm your heart.

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