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Tana's Pose Art Materials - Magical Girl
$6.70 / 756JPY
The pose art material collection of magical girl. Contains some clothing damage.
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  • Release: Oct/25/2017
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Stunningly beautiful magical girl pose art

Jan/04/2018   By LaeliaReviewer Rank: 1

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I absolutely adore this character art set. The style is so pretty and I only wish that there was a male option too.

There are a decent range of options for customisation, such as various hairstyles, facial expressions and outfits.

The character creator style exe included is entirely in Japanese, but in my opinion is easy to figure out how to use without any knowledge of the language. It also allows you to change things like hair colour, eye colour, skin colour and outfit colour.

I really love the feature that shows the outfits in a battle damaged style, with rips, blood and bruising. It helps to make it look more realistic if the character has been involved in a battle.

This would look incredible in a visual novel, but I would say that since it's such a low price, it's worth getting just to mess around creating characters! I can't get over how stunning the art style is.

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