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Fantasy game icons pack Vol.2-SAMURAI-
Mori no oku no kakurezato
$53.95 / 5,940 JPY
512x512 size Japanese style High detailed icons! 984 icons in total (328 unique icons + 656 color variations + pattern difference icons)
Image MaterialPNGTrial
  • Release: Sep/26/2017
  • DL: 5

Pickup!Another great addition to Ruruga's Resources

May/06/2018   By ChiiReviewer Rank: 9

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It seems that my initial review write up wasn't able to send, so here we go again. Everytime Ruruga releases soemthing I immediately buy them as soon as I get money and this one does not disappoint.

This amazing pack has a lot of resources ranging from UI, equipment, food, items and everything you expect from an Icon Pack made by Ruruga.

Despite being Japanese centric, there is enough items here that you can use for a fantasy game like Minerals, Fish and so forth. So it's still definitely worth the buy even if you are not interested in making a Japanese-themed game ever.

Please keep making more resources!

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