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[Sound Fetish] Morning / School Infirmary / Make-up [ASMR]
$1.91 / 216JPY
A set of Situation voice drama with sound fetishism. Friend x morning / drag queen x school infirmary / drag queen x make-up situations. (CVs: Kei / Koyomi / Iie)
GirlsInc. Voice
  • Release: Jul/10/2017
  • Purchased: 3x

Good Morning~

Nov/03/2017   By JodoReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Aah, there's nothing like the constant clatter of early morning routines. If you are someone seeking relaxation in everyday sounds, this is a nice sound set for an assortment of three situations.

In track one, you wake up to the sounds of someone cooking breakfast, in the second track you are treated by a nurse in the school infirmary, and the last track is the sounds of a make-up routine. And all of these sounds are prepared by your "attendant" in the situation. There's not much talking done which makes it really nice to appreciate the quiet moments that accentuates the clatter, or the clunking, or the dripping, or the swishing.

All three tracks total 37 minutes and 24 seconds, so it's quite short (at least to me). You could fall asleep to this, but I think it's also a nice compilation to wake up to.

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