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Yuon Labyrinth -Mai Mikazuki and Pray In Rain Sound-
$3.79 / 432JPY
A healing voice clip of spiritual shrine and a maiden enriched with rain sound.
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HealingShrine MaidenKimono/Japanese ClothesEar CleaningEncounterBrunet Hair
  • Release: Jul/08/2017
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Near good

Aug/28/2017   By Enough internet

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4/5 for me.

You are some sightseeing guy who got lost in the deep forest and met with miko "Mai" who live in shrine nearby. She offer you to send you back but you insisted to visit her shrine. There the rain pouring and you had to rest there for a night.

Background for myself and this review:
In this category, I'm a listener who aiming at good ear cleaning track which you can listen peacefully, or better the one that calm enough which can listened to while going sleep (with sleep timer on). My review and scoring will focus on these objectives.

Ear cleaning content overview:
- 10-mins worth of ear cleaning in main track. (Actually short if compared to another ear cleaning focused product)
- 2 bonus tracks of no-talk ear cleaning. Each 12 mins. One is "running water" sound and another is "rain". (SE is loud, see scoring)

Scoring of this product:
(Grading: S=Best A=Good B=Acceptable C=Bad)

- Voice actor: S
Her voice is calm, and tone is just right. Not too much on big-sis or little-sister-brat spectrum.

- Ear-related sound effect: A+
SE to the ear is good, fluffy.

- For sleeping: B
There is moderate talk (which is not good for sleeping), and rain background sound is a bit too loud and noticeable for me.

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