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Real Girlfriend Sleeping Breath Sounds
A water flea
$9.58 / 1,080JPY
A sleeping together audio product for those out there that want to sleep. REAL breathing sounds recorded with a dummy head microphone. (CV: CV: Phan Masaki)
Inc. Voice
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  • Release: May/22/2017
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Jun/04/2017   By Dsharp K

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It is finally registered in the international site edition. When I came to the English site for this work I also contacted the official. Lol. Everyone, it's really hard to record three consecutive breaths, and it's even harder to edit them. This is the work that finally came to the dream. If you want a sound before bedtime, I would recommend this unconditionally. I'm sure. I do not even need Japanese. This will be the only god's work in the world. (I was worried about the white noise in the sample, but be sure to read the Readme after purchasing it.)

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