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Male & Female Pose Art Materials
$5.88 / 648 JPY
Posed character artwork for free use in your games, etc. Female and male characters.
  • Release: Mar/14/2017
  • DL: 14
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Male & Female Pose Art Materials

Mar/20/2018   By MaraReviewer Rank: 4

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Another great pack from this circle this time for male and female characters.

Again all parts come with different layers (for the color, the outlines, shading and extra pattern) so it's very easy to change the graphics to your personal taste.

Sadly the female characters don't have the great number of different hair styles and clothes as the male characters but the graphics you get are still beautiful. I just really hope there will be other packs just for female characters in the future.

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Wonderful pose art!

Feb/13/2018   By LaeliaReviewer Rank: 1

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I was really intrigued by the art style of the pose art sets from this circle and after purchasing this one I'm not disappointed :3

The fact that it comes with a male and female character is super helpful, but I mostly bought it for the male because it's hard to come across nice looking male pose art.

You get everything it mentions in the description. The PSD files have a lot of options for you to create your own characters.

I would recommend this set :3

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