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Neko Navy
$9.58 / 1,080JPY
Flying cats vs. 10,000 mascots! (side-scrolling shooting game)
Inc. MusicComike91
HotEmotional/TouchingHealingAnimal/PetNekomimi (Cat Ears)Tail
  • Release: Jan/19/2017
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Send in the cats!

May/02/2017   By koalainthewoodsReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Neko Navy is a bullet hell-style STG where you, as one of three selectable cats, set off to fight 10,000 mascots(!). With three selectable difficulty levels for 7 stages, there is a lot to enjoy for beginners and experts.

The game has a straightforward scoring system revolving around the bombs/special attacks and the icons you collect to activate them, with a good risk/reward balance. Shooting and destroying enemies releases the icons, with a bonus available for destroying them close-up or point-blank. High scores unlock continues.
The three cats provide three different playing styles and special attacks, though all work well at all difficulty levels. It's worth pointing out that the game moves faster than the usual bullet hell-type STG, and at higher difficulties and later levels, it does resemble one.

The graphics style is cartoony, with a surreal vibe as the game progresses. The soundtrack is diverse but appropriate for each stage,and available with the purchase! One sound effect is worth noting-your cat mews each time it gets hit, a good incentive not to do so. Furthermore, each cat has a very different mew, giving them a humorous touch of character.

I highly recommend this game for its easy-to-pick-up gameplay and overall style, with the three difficulty levels providing ample challenge for everyone. A very generous demo is available from DeathMofuMofu's website if you want to check it out before buying.

Buying the game also provides you with a sort of game design sketchbook from DeathMofuMofu which is quite fun to look at.

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