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Ear Cleaning Massage Shop [Nadesico Yamato] Happy New Year
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Those in the know, know Akiba's oasis. Enjoy a special new year edition at the mimikaki parlor. (CV: Yoiko Akiba)
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  • Release: Dec/31/2016
  • DL: 20
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ASMR for a new year.

Apr/14/2017   By BumBumReviewer Rank: 6

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Grrrreat audio from JON, voiced by Akiba Yoiko. If you're familiar with the [Yamato Nadeshiko] stuff you know what to expect. If not, it's going to be a delight. Very varied sounds from ear cleaning to massage sounds with soft speech every now and then. I personally really like our CV Akiba-san so if you're a fan of the previous releases you're going to enjoy this one as well. It doesn't do anything new really, but it does what it does best. A nice relaxing one-hour audio.

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