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Loved To Death By A Psychotic Kidnapper Yandere: Voice Works
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"Your everything. Your world. Your future. I want to be it all."
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  • Release: Oct/16/2016
  • DL: 10
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Oct/18/2016   By CIA

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Pretty sad stuff. The overall plot is somewhere along the lines of you wake up in a hospital after an accident but you lose your memories. This girl is very happy to see you, but then she confines you somewhere. 2 months pass by, but then one day, she comes back injured, and then she reveals the truth. The world has pretty much ended, and pretty much everyone you ever knew is dead. The two of you are the only people left, and she wanted to hide the truth from you. The two endings are she dies, or you forgive her, and the two of you set off to go travel or something. Of course, my Japanese is pretty limited, so that's probably not entirely accurate.

It's actually pretty heartrending but she really isn't that much of a yandere, so the title's pretty misleading.

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