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Boku Kano - Kanon
$2.94 / 324 JPY
Ear cleaning by "my girlfriend" (your girlfriend / boku no kanojo = boku kano)
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  • Release: Jul/04/2016
  • DL: 13
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I wish...

Feb/01/2017   By BumBumReviewer Rank: 6

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Ear cleaning, sleeping soun-- Hey, where are you touching?! Yup, it has it all.

Starts out too cute to explain. That 'dayo' after mimikaki just melts my heart every single time. It's a bit short tough. After that it's all good, ear cleaning sounds and at the end going to bed as you'd expect. Nothing dirty, just good old vanilla breathing sounds... And beware, you're getting a Kanon Punch if you try anything!

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