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SPRITE's side-scrolling shoot-em-up is 100% deep sea boss battles.
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Difficult-but-recommended Darius/Gradius hybrid

Mar/05/2017   By koalainthewoodsReviewer Rank: Top 50

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A port of an old Sharp X68000 shmup released by Sprite, B-System is a 'boss-rush-only' game where you face off against 12 giant mechanized sea life(9 pictured above). As with Darius, the bosses have one mean weak point but also have a few destructible bits which give you power-up icons when destroyed. However, unlike Darius, these icons are used to select a power-up from a Gradius-like bar using the X key/button 2: speed-up, downward-firing missiled, a Gradius-like straight laser, a Darius-like wave shot, options and a 'force'. Weapons can be upgraded multiple times and up to four options can be carried at a time.

However, the game is very difficult at the beginning as you start out completely unpowered. If you've played any Darius game and have had to face a boss without any powerups, you know what to expect. Besides shooting lasers, bullets or destructible missiles at you, bosses will try to crush you against a corner of the screen. The game is kind enough to let you retain your weapons after you lose a life on Easy difficulty, or give you some power-up orbs if you lose a life on Medium (there is no Hard mode; not that the game needs it).

The graphics look good for the game's vintage, with the boss designs being a mix of original and borrowed from the Darius games. While difficult, the game looks and plays well for what it is and will be enjoyed by gamers who grew up on these types of games, gamers who are familiar with the shmups and their history, or gamers who just like the look of Darius-style bosses.

This release of the game runs fine on Windows XP, 7 and 10. On starting up the game you are thrown directly into the action and should press ESC to access the title screen and options menu. Somewhat confusingly, some options are available only in the menu and some only on the menu bar on top.

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