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Second Summon - Chapter 1 part 1
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A war between magicians known as holy grail war has officially started. The strongest magicians and servants clash, crossing over their world, to win the ultimate prize that worlds has ever seen.
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Serial ProductYuri/Girls Love
  • Release: Apr/06/2016
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Pickup!A Finely illustrated Crossover with a Great Plot Line

Oct/27/2016   By Ludra

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This doujinshi is an amazing story to enjoy for the fans of either Black r*ck shooter or F*te/stay night. If one is fan of both, like me, they are going to love it, I sure did.
Even just for illustrations and art-style, this is a doujinshi worth reading. The characters' expressivity, the smooth dialogues, the intriguing plot line and the right amount of humor made me really appreciate the efforts put behind this work, which as a doujinshi, stay faithful to their respective anime series, but with a very original twist.
I'm very eager to read the second part, as well as the following ones, soon.

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