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Exclusive English Ver. Horror GUI & Icons pack
Mori no oku no kakurezato
$15.52 / 1,728 JPY | 160pt (10% back)
Horror GUI & Icons pack! It supports FHD smartphone screens!
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  • Release: Aug/24/2015
  • DL: 13
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If you plan on making a horror game, this GUI is the best

Aug/31/2016   By SalamoReviewer Rank: 3

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This GUI pack is a designer / game maker's best companion.
No more looking for specific items, textures and frames, it has everything you could need, and even more.
From game over (editable) screens to passcode/pannels and inventory, this is the best set of ressources one could ever dream of.
Download the trial to see what I mean, and you'll be astonished by the quality of the author's work.
With other a 100 png/psd items (some being variations), this GUI beats the hell out of all the other GUI out there.

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