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Wired Soul
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ANGROWA's award-winning retro side scrolling beat 'em up, 5 years in the making, is officially available. Check it out!
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  • Release: Jun/02/2015
  • DL: 17

Authentic belt-scrolling brawler

May/10/2017   By H.DevilleReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Angrowa's "Wired Soul" does a commendable job of emulating the feel of the belt-scrolling brawlers of the late '80s and early '90s. Mashing the attack button unleashes combo moves, double-tap a direction to run left/right or roll up/down, hit attack while running for a dash move, get in close to an enemy to grapple.

Special moves are performed by holding the attack button to build up charge in a three-tiered meter, adding an element of strategy to the moment-to-moment gameplay - do you settle for a quick kick now, or can you spare that extra second to build up to your multi-hitting flurry?

Wired Soul. Looks good. Feels great.

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