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Fantasy game icons pack Vol.1
Mori no oku no kakurezato
$57.65 / 6,480 JPY  >> $46.12 20% OFF  / 5,184 JPY
256x256 size High detailed icons! 1036 icons in total (392 unique icons + color variations + pattern difference icons)!
Image MaterialPNGTrial
  • Release: May/07/2015
  • Purchased: 27x
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Fantasy game icons

Mar/08/2018   By MaraReviewer Rank: 4

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This set is just fantastic and without doubt one of the best, maybe even the best icon set I ever found. You will get icons for your armor, weapons, items, status effects and GUI. Most icons are perfect for a fantasy game but there are enough icons you can use in a modern or realistic game, too, like a backpack, masks, jewelry, knifes, fruits and vegetables, tape and much much more. You will pretty much get all icons you need and even for a very good price.

I highly recommend this pack.

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Pickup!Good Graphics Quality

Oct/26/2017   By jenova3new

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The color looks cheerfull, i really like it, it's makes you remember about Atelier Series and another Anime Style Games, good for game project

the artist seems to be an rpg tsukuru user in the past, and i really like his graphic style, as this is my first buy, i look forward to use this asset on my game, with reasonably cheap price, this usage license is really wotrh it, i hope no one will pirate this asset in the future

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Pickup!Very well done!

Jan/14/2016   By ChiiReviewer Rank: 9

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This pack reminds me a lot of the GUST games, Atelier or Mana Khemia Series. Which is perfect because it is pretty much the type of game I always wanted to make!

To put it in perspective there's at least 242 armors, usually with 3-4 variants each. 107 weapons with 2-4 variants each. There's at least 491 'materials' to enable 'crafting' in your game. On top of that, there's at least 74 UI-related icons from status effects, buffs, debuffs and even elements!

PSDs are also included for a quick recoloring or edit to retrofit to your games.

Overall, it's amazing and I recommend purchasing it. The price is definitely worth it.

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