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5 Students - Base pose graphics (Materials)
Moonshade Herb
$3.82 / 432JPY
5 school boys and girls character pose materials collection. 5 different sizes.
  • Release: May/09/2015
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Great pose art

Mar/26/2018   By LaeliaReviewer Rank: 1

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This is a lovely set of pose art materials :3 I really like the art style, the eyes on the characters look especially pretty!

Each character comes in a variety of different resolutions so you can pick whatever best suits your needs. Each character also has a good mixture of varying facial expressions which is always appreciated :3

I also like how there are male characters in the pack too because so many pose art sets only have females in them.

There's no way to edit the characters, but they look lovely as they are and are ready to use. I recommend the set :3

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