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Zutto Issho. -Dreaming With Red-
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Your favorite stuffed red panda becomes a little girl. Ear cleaning, falling asleep together, tender dreams... CV: Natyu Aizawa
VoiceMP3Inc. VoiceTrial
  • Release: Apr/18/2015
  • DL: 9
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A red panda is cute by definition.

Aug/01/2017   By BumBumReviewer Rank: 6

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Oh god Natyu(/Nachyu) Aizawa has an amazing voice. It's just so soothing... However, this release has a bit of a story, mostly told by the final track. I personally didn't like it so much.

But! The ear cleaning and massage parts are just great. I just can't enough of her voice.

Basically, it's an intro -> ear cleaning -> massage and sleepy time -> a goddess appears?! So the last part is mostly dialogue between two characters.

But it's soooo relaxing...

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