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Copyright-free BGM FULL Collection Vol.6
$43.23 / 4,860 JPY  >> $34.59 20% OFF  / 3,888 JPY
Original music materials for free use in games and other media. 60 BGM tracks, 15 music effects, 30 sound effects.
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  • Release: Jan/07/2015
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Pickup!Nice collection for developers

Feb/12/2018   By OrikanekoiReviewer Rank: 7

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A wonderful collection of BGM and ME to create visual novels. The music is designed for looping, so there is no problem with long tracks. I will definitely use a few of them in my future games. Of course, there are tracks that may seem too "template", but they are compensated by others.
I really recommend this collection to all developers of visual novels or RPG stories. The tunes are suitable for daily scenes and dramatic moments.

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