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Mimikaki Relaxation Shop Michikusaya - Lullaby at the Fire [Ainu Style]
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Two days at a rustic inn in the tranquil countryside.
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HealingASMREar Cleaning
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Pickup!Splendid binaural composition with gentle voice

Mar/08/2015   By Mahe

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Her voice is very gentle and cute, her soft singing/humming is absolutely adorable. There's also great variety of ASMR sounds (ear cleaning, hair cutting, message, ear nibbling ..) always accompanied by the soft breathing and whispering voice.
The recordings are split into two sound environments: 1) inside with crackling hearth fire sounds and 2) outside with nature/bird sounds. Both environments beautifully add to the atmosphere and have a well chosen sound volume. The length for both environments are about 1,5 h total.
The sound quality is splendid, both mp3 and lossless wav files are provided. There is no constant disturbing/buzzing noise as often noticed in similar products (judging from my hi-fi headphones).

None of the sounds/voices are annoying, too loud or high pitched which guarantees a constant and undisturbed relaxing experience.
This is a lengthy, high-quality masterpiece for lovers of ASMR and gentle voice relaxation.

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