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[Pixel Materials] Walking Students
$4.79 / 540JPY
Adorable dot-graphic materials for creating games, icons, decorating your website, etc.
Clothes ChangingDot/PixelStudentUniformSwimwear
  • Release: Dec/18/2014
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Pixel Materials Walking Students

Mar/11/2018   By MaraReviewer Rank: 4

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I bought this pack because I wanted larger sprites for my RPG Maker MV project and I'm really happy with my purchase.

The sprite sheet is 300 x 400 but without clothes or hair the sprites are around 76 x 33. You will even get some diagonal sprites with clothing, hair and everything else. They only face one direction so you will have to mirror them yourself but this is easely done.

If you are planning to make a school game and looking for larger sprites this set is probably the right choice for you.

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