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MP3 Wednesday: Maid Count Shoggoth
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Fall asleep with a slightly sadistic maid who counts something madder than sheep. 17 minutes / CV: Mari Masionne
VoiceMP3Inc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Jun/30/2014
  • DL: 3

Pickup!No Ideal what she saying! But I like it.

Sep/24/2015   By Lee@Duva

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I have no Ideal what she was saying. But I do find her voice sounds soothing, teasing, sexy, and a hint of danger? Who knows? Like I said I have no ideal. But It does cost less then a dollar for a 32 minute and 48 second soundtrack. I haven't tested it to see If this put me to sleep faster. I try it out later. So it not a bad deal, in fact I like to recommend it. Just so you can give it a try. Who knows maybe the audio with up to the description on the page for you.

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