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MimiMuse -The Official Mimikaki Musume-
$3.93 / 432 JPY  >> $3.13 20% OFF  / 345 JPY
This is a great repository of continuous ear cleaning by 17 voice actresses * Curated and edited by Kanase.
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  • Release: Mar/11/2014
  • DL: 30
  • (14)

Ear cleaning from various characters.

Mar/21/2017   By Blurry ShadowReviewer Rank: Top 50

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You will receive ear cleaning courses from many girls with various characters like tsundere little sister, kind big sister, strict teacher, elegant maid, lovely girlfriend or some random girls etc... But each of them is very quick (around 3 minutes) and besides ear cleaning and short conversations there are pretty nothing else.
So anyone likes to try many scenarios at once (like buffet?) might want to get this and 4$ is a reasonable price for a non-stop 50 minutes work.

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