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CrossTheRidge R [ACCELERATE]
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CrossTheRidge R
$4.85 / 540JPY
Drift the ridges in the *NEW* ver1.13 3D racing game! 10 courses / 50+ cars / Multiple modes / Customization
Inc. Music3DCGTrial
  • Release: Jul/23/2013
  • Purchased: 20x
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2 Fast 4 Comfort

Sep/16/2017   By Neon HenchmanReviewer Rank: Top 50

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An nice little arcade racing game, packing quite a lot of content; there's a very large selection of cars, including a duck of all things, two handfuls of tracks going through mountain passes, and multiple game modes. Each of the cars also have their own customizations and records, so if you're the type who likes to try out different builds, then this adds up to the already huge replay value.

My only gripes are that the drifting's a bit wonky and the environments, despite having a generous amount of details put into them, they sometimes feel repetitive, mostly in Arcade mode, but needless to say that they're still all right, for an indie game of this scope.

Overall, I really enjoy this. I didn't had to spend time grasping complicated mechanics, which is all fine by me.

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Aug/15/2017   By crowjam

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I always wanted for a game like this to exist, just could never find it, until today : p

Lots of content, feels good to play. Simply is good.

Cars feel heavy, in control, but you can drift them too. Physics are very simple , yet feel "realistic" enough to be enjoyable. Perfect mix.

Gotta love all of the touge tracks as well. A lot of effort and love was put into this game, its definitely worth the price and even more!

Wish there was authors email somewhere to write him a personal thanks message for a nice game haha.

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Pickup!This game surpassed my expectations! 11/10

Oct/02/2016   By Rolling Guy

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For 500 Yen, this game is an absolute steal! I was itching for an arcade racer which is pretty rare now.

I'd say this is worth more than the price it's being sold. The graphics may be dated but the level of detail and thought that's been put into the game is amazing for an indie title. I have nothing but praise for the game. It's just that good for me.

The car selection alone is pretty huge. There are exterior and performance customization. The track selection is pretty good too with well known mountain passes.

There are rivals in the arcade mode much like that famous arcade game this is based on, a time attack mode, AND MULTIPLAYER. It's only through LAN but me and my friend played through some tunneling program and it was a BLAST. Not to mention there is so much to unlock to keep you busy for a while.

I especially love how the developer will try and answer you even if their native language isn't English.

I cannot wait to see more of what this developer comes up in the future!

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