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Princess' Edge - Dragonstone
$9.57 / 1,080JPY
The side-scrolling beat'em action brawler - in the spirit of Bareknuckle/Street of Rage & Golden Axe. Play the princess. Save the world.
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  • Release: Jun/19/2013
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For action and bikini fans

May/10/2017   By H.DevilleReviewer Rank: Top 50

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So I was wondering if it might have been a little disingenuous of circle Erobotan to give their game "Princess' Edge: Dragonstone" a "G" rating, on account of their heroine running about in the skimpiest of outfits. Then I realised where I'd seen this costume before - "silver" (read: "white") bikini with red trim? Well, that's T*ris Fl*re from G*lden *xe, now available in kawaii... I seem to recall G.A. still packing a G-rating...

As for the game, "-Dragonstone" offers fast-paced action and a plethora of moves - easy to get to grips with, tough to master. Good stuff.

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